Tuesday, November 06, 2007

You know...

There is a reason why I don't normally participate in things like NaBloPoMo... I'm one that believes that creativity can't be rushed. When you're forced to write every day rain, shine, meteor, flesh-eating mist, dead of night, it gets difficult to cone up with things that are consistantly funny.

And I like to be funny. I'm just not feeling very funny right now. I've had a rough day.

This is also one of the reasons I stopped doing the cartoons... when my brain needs a break to rest I fully believe in giving it one. I sit down to write a few days later, and lo and behold, I am funny again. When I force it, I feel like it's a chore, and my writing suffers.


brig said...

I thought the flesh- eating mist was funny.

Canardius said...

To Robius Cerius Scriptor, from Tiberius Canardius Maximus, greeting:

What commandment says everything you write or say has to be funny? Aristotle and I may be the only two people you know that believe in absolutes like Funny [that capital-F-Funny that is the source of all other funny and is pointed to by everyone else as the perfect example of Funny]. But Humor is too subtle for that.

If writing is an extension of how we feel about life, then writing isn't always funny -- without darkness no one notices the sunlight.