Saturday, November 24, 2007

Well, it was quite a day....

This year's fryday was truly a thing of wonder... at least 25 people showed up to behold its crispy, golden brown goodness. It was strange having so many coming to enjoy this "holiday" that Stacey and I started on a whim, but at the same time I was so proud.

The big hit (as always) were the fried snickers bars, but other dishes of note included the from scratch Mozerella sticks (props to javafoofoo on the prep work), the fried ravioli, and the calzones. Disappointments included deep fried spam-ka-bobs, deep fried cranberry sauce (Curse you, Paula Deen!) and the way-too-phallic-to-eat deep fried pizza. The big surprises were the deep fried nutter butter cookies and pumpkin pie, both of which were simply outstanding.

Afterward, we had a game of beerball with an earth-shattering 14 people... the most in action at any beerball matches thus far. Silverfox refereed the game with a little help from Short Stuff, and Stacey's Stompers routed Supermom's Storm by at least two touchdowns. I don't think anyone knew or cared what the final score was, because everyone was having so much fun.

I'll post in more detail once someone uploads some pictures.

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