Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween and NaBloPoMo!

That's right... it's November again, and that means that it's National Blog Posting Month, where bloggers are encouraged to post once a day for the entire month of November. I haven't really decided whether of not I'm up to that challenge right now, as I have a lot going on... but I think I'm gonna give it a shot.

Last night was of course Halloween, and that meant a night of trick-or-treating for the Cerio family. We got together with the kids cousins, Luckfish and DaNeice over at Silvermom-in-laws house for dinner and costumes. Silverfox broke out the makeup to create herself a psychoclown face while Short Stuff ran around in his stormtrooper costume trying to save the galaxy from the evil separatist Droid army.

Pint Size was looking simply adorable in his Yoda Costume, alternating his time between dispensing Jedi wisdom and beating Dad with his lightsaber:

Me, I just threw on a cape and my Superman T-Shirt and I was good to go. Here we have a group photo of our little candy-gathering group:

DaNiece, (dressed as the punk rocker above) decided that she is officially too cool to go Trick-or treating, and instead went off to a friend's costume party. She turned thirteen this year, so i figure that gives me a good seven years before Short Stuff feels the same way. Luckfish was wearing the same Hannah Montana outfit she wore at Hallowfest, minus the flammable blond wig for obvious reasons.

I love this next picture because it shows not only how big Short Stuffs helmet was compared to his head, but also shows Pint Size reacting to a disturbance in the force.

"It was like a thousand bags of candy were given away and then snuffed out all at once..."
Yes, I know that was Obi-wan, not Yoda... how about "Candy, you sense.... hmmm?"? There... now that I have proven what a geek I am for today, lets move on.

Here's the only pic we have of Silverfox for the evening (she is rapidly becoming the Dogs of Atlantis photographer) Again, Master Yoda seems disturbed. Probably just looking at his brother scarfing down caramels as fast as his hands can stuff them into his mouth...
We went into Algiers point, a known Trick-or-treating hot spot. People sit out on their porches in costume waiting for the hordes of children to come out. I thought it was really cute as we walked around with Pint Size that nearly every kid in a Star Wars costume (and there were many) would point at him and yell "It's Master Yoda!" he would then smile and wave a wave that conveyed silent Jedi wisdom.
Either that or he had gas.
People in the Point take their Halloween very seriously, and a few take their decorating to the next level as evidenced by this house:

His neighbors assured me that he does such things for a living, but I just know that Silverfox would be just as bad with an unlimited budget. Short Stuff loved it, though... and he kept fighting with the fog generator like it was a monster. Ah, to have the imagination and energy of a child....

We covered what felt like 20 blocks (although I counted it to be only 15) before the kids plopped back into the truck, happy, tired and covered in candy:

For next year, Short Stuff has already informed me that he wants to be Jabba the Hutt. I love my geeky kids.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the pics! Dressing up little kids is so much fun!! My own little Pint Size Equivalent was dressed as Skeleton Boy:
He was thrilled that people kept giving him lollipops, which he kept holding out to show people while saying "POP!" After two lollipops though, he was literally running laps through our friend's house.