Sunday, November 09, 2008

I gotta admit, I'm a little nervous...

Silverfox is still bed-ridden, but doing well... However, I'm finding that taking care of her takes up most of my time, and seriously disrupts what little sleep I'm getting. I'm really concerned that tonight, (when the boys are added back into the mix) I may not be up to the challenge. Silverfox has said that i'll do fine, but I can see the same concern behind her eyes... I mean, only a year ago, I was barely taking care of myself... now I have three other people counting on me to manage their schedules, do their laundry, and make sure that they eat... Plus that, right now I'm still unemployed, with few prospects, and none that I feel I can devote my time to seriously until Silverfox is at least able to get around the house on her own.

Gonna be a long month.


Andy said...

Stay strong Kahunah! You're going through a rough time right now, but you've been through much worse, and look where you are today. Married to a wonderful woman, being a daddy & throwing kick-ass Rock Band parties! You've come a long from since Bienville Hall!

Stacey said...

You're going to do great because you are a great dad. Don't worry if you make a few little mistakes... Everyone does.

Oh my gosh, will this catan game NEVER END.