Friday, November 07, 2008

The Wife is okay...and the children are trying to kill me.

Today was the much-anticipated surgery on Silverfoxes lower back, and she came through it just fine. She's sore and resting right now, and it looks like she's gonna make a full recovery... but she will be on her back for the next few days.

Last night, Silverfox had intended on making good use of our last night before our imposed three weeks of no sex... we were going to send the kids off to bed, and then make with the boom-chicka-wah-wah, but it seems the children had other plans. First, Short Stuff, while playing around running back and forth past my recliner, stumbles and head butts me right in the part of my jaw where I had the two teeth removed on Wednesday.

As I lay there howling in pain, clutching the side of my face, Pint Size pulls his way up onto my lap, and does this to my crotch:

While I'm sure the Hulkster would be proud, I nearly passed out. I told my Dad about it today when I called him to let him know Cheri was okay, and he just snickered and said "Welcome to fatherhood." I spent the rest of the night with one ice pack on my groin and one on my face.

Needless to say, there was no matress durability testing at casa Cerio last night.

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Michelle said...

My Pint Size Equivalent hurts me *all the time*. Seriously, like several times a day, and that's with me NOT being a SAHM. Yesterday he nailed me in the eye with the edge of a flash card. Paper cuts on the eyeball are not exactly pleasant! So I empathize!