Monday, November 03, 2008

What to write about....

You know, it's not when I have nothing going on that it's hard to write a blog... quite to the contrary, I tend to post the least when I have everything and then some to write about. Part of the problem is that I have trouble deciding sometimes what is appropriate for these pages and what isn't... part of it is that I don't really want to leave anything cool out, and thereby always seem to.

In terms of appropriateness, I waffle a lot on what does belong here and what doesn't... for instance, I try to keep the mood of this blog light, and so I probably won't talk much about my job loss and the resulting financial situation... even though I was told today by a representative of Louisiana's department of unemployment insurance that it may be eight weeks before I see a dime, because I was honest about receiving one freaking days worth of vacation pay from my former employer...

I am beginning to understand why some people simply lie about their situation. When I said to the lady that I had bills to pay, she explained to me that that wasn't what UI is for... it should all go toward finding a job.

Apparently a computer, food and a working shower are not high on the list of "things needed to help in a job search".

Coming back to my point, although that's all pretty funny, there are those that read my blog that it would cause to worry (Such as Aunt Jo and Mom... Dad would just take the time to remind me that it's all small shit*) and I really don't like for people to worry about me. I worry enough on my own. So, sometimes I sit here as my world seems to be collapsing around me and write exactly nada.

Being a parent has changed that a little bit, I've noticed... Today was parent-teacher conference day, and I found out that both boys are doing exceptionally in class, and Short Stuff made the honor roll. I also found out today that I'm a bad influence on the kids... Short Stuff refuses to partner up with other kids sometimes, Citing that it "would just be easier to do it" himself because he would have to bring the other kids up to speed. On one hand, I'm proud I'm raising an honest, independent boy... on the other hand, the last thing I need is for him to develop my attitude. Silverfox has enough trouble with just me.

*Pop Cerio's fool-proof rules for getting through any situation:
Rule 1: Don't sweat the small shit.
Rule 2: It's all small shit.
Rule 3: When in doubt, laugh at the situation and refer to rule one.
Rule 4: There's no shame in asking a woman about her mental health history on the first date.
Rule 5: Never sleep with anyone you wouldn't want to know for the rest of your life.
Rule 6: Nothing is fool-proof to a sufficiently talented and determined fool.

Oddly enough, he and I came up with rule 4 together after my first marriage.

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Michelle said...

We only worry because we love you and care what happens to you.

Also, rule 5 should be spray-painted on the walls of every high school and college. I've noticed that a lot of people forget that just because sex *can* be inconsequential doesn't mean that it *will* be inconsequential when you want it to be.