Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thought I'd celebrate...

Obamas victory by having a few teeth pulled. Kinda reminded me of watching the election returns last night.

Things you never want to hear your Dentist say:

1) "Check again, sir... are you sure you still have a tooth there?"

2) "What do you mean you voted for McCain?"

3)"Boy, you're really making me earn my money today..."

4)"You just don't want to let go of that tooth, do you?"

5)"Wait... did I give you any anesthetic? I can't remember..."

6)"God, I partied so hard last night my hands are shaking."

7)"Oh, come on... that doesn't really hurt!"

8)"Wait... was that the right tooth I just pulled?"

9)"Do you mind if I watch Ellen during your procedure?"

10)anything that goes like this:

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