Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No fair! I wanted to be part of the "couple making out in the woods" that gets hacked apart!

You know, I always thought the fat guy is the first one killed by the axe murderer in a horror movie... this Quiz seems to differ.

When Action Figures Turn Violent
"You devoted your life to acquiring all the dolls, toys and memorabilia you could get your hands on, but ironically, one of your precious collectibles chose to take that life away. Maybe the creepy lady down the block had a garage sale and you accidentally bought a puppet possessed by a murderer. Maybe your new toy robot was programmed to destroy humanity. Or maybe that dirty old clown doll you found on the street really was evil. In a frightening collectible rebellion, the malicious toy tried to sell you on eBay, but then it found out you were more valuable in parts. Not pretty. "

Still, that is so me.

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